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Happiest Birthday
Happiest Birthday
Happy Birthday
Hippo, Giraffe, Elephant, Bear all have come to party, dance & play drums and say Happy Birthday. A free ecard that kids will love
Birthday hug
Give your Mom a big hug on her birthday and also wish her with this free animated ecard
Moms really are our superheroes, so what better way to wish her a happy birthday than with this card.
Happy Birthday my bestie
Okay, we couldn’t get through this list without a pun, so here it is. The pun may lead to an eye roll or two but the warm cozy feel of the rest of the card makes it worth it. Your best-tea will definitely appreciate receiving this card on their big day. 

Birthday Invite
"It is my 1st birthday & you're invited to the party". Send a birthday invite with this cute e-card
Happy Birthday jig
Happy Birthday jig
Beautiful Birthday
Send out birthday wishes with this free ecard
Star was born
Obviously there’s going to be a Star Wars themed card and this is it. I’d use this card while you can because not everyone was born before the iPhone, Facebook, and Twitter nowadays.
Happy Birthday To You
Happy birthday to you!
Happy Birthday
A bouquet and wishes for Birthday. Wish someone on their birthday with this free ecard.
Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday ecard

Birthdays are a great time for celebration, but they can also be quite the hassle, if you don’t happen to be the birthday boy or girl. There are cakes to bake, parties to plan, and gifts to buy. Not only that, but if you live too far away from that friend or family member who’s celebrating a birthday, you have to worry about paying postage the cards you mail; and once the card’s actually in the mail, there’s that several day period of nervously hoping that the card actually arrives—and on time.

No one can help you over the stress of baking the perfect birthday cake, but there is an easy solution to those birthday card jitters: free ecards. Ecards come in all the same great styles you’re used to with store-bought cards, but with a few extra advantages. The first advantage, of course, is right there in the name: they’re absolutely free—free to pick out, free to personalize, and free to send. And secondly, ecards eliminate the need to call your friends and relatives to make sure they received your gift, because ecards arrive instantly, through e-mail.

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