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  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter
  • Easter Bunny
    Easter Bunny
  • Dancing Easter Eggs
    Dancing Easter Eggs
  • Boo....
  • Shades Of Joy
    Shades Of Joy
  • Easter wishes
    Easter wishes
  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter
  • Easter Love
    Easter Love
  • Great Easter Together
    Great Easter Together
  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter bunny
    Happy Easter bunny
  • Full of life
    Full of life
  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter
  • Easter Egg Jig
    Easter Egg Jig

Free Easter Ecards

If you have been thinking about going green, now is as good a time as any. What could possibly be more fun and fulfilling than planning an eco-friendly Easter with your friends and family!

Simple changes in your normal Easter routine will go a long way in conserving the earth. Remember to involve your kids in the process and discuss with them the importance of your efforts.

Recycle Easter baskets. Use previous years’ baskets. Or save up and use the baskets that you get fruit arrangements or bouquets in. Be creative. Remember the bath kit you received as a gift? Wouldn’t the container make a wonderful Easter basket? How about that straw hat you bought years ago? Invert it, add a fabric handle and you have an Easter basket that’s one of its kind! And if you do buy new Easter baskets this year, remember to save them for the following years! Fill ‘em with eco-friendly goodies. Choose healthier Easter treats and preferably those wrapped in earth-friendly material. You could choose organic or fair trade chocolates or other options such as jelly beans, or even crunchy carrot bites or gummy beans. Eliminate the use of plastic wherever you can. Why buy plastic grass when you can make a far cooler and eco-friendlier variety with paper, scrap or cloth? Also pay attention to the packaging. Come up with fun projects you can do with your kids. For example, you could recycle their art work or other paper and make gift wraps out of them. They will be thrilled to see their art work put to creative use. Buy local. Whenever possible, buy produce that is grown locally. When you go shopping for the Easter meal this year, why not stop by the farmer’s market? You may end up spending a little extra, but don’t you think it’s a price worth paying? Besides, you’ll probably meet friendlier faces and even feel healthier at the end of the day!

This Easter, why not start or renew earth-friendly traditions that will breathe new life into our planet? Do you have tips for an eco-friendly Easter? Please share them with us.

One sure-shot tip to save time and money, is of course, to send free, eco-friendly Easter ecards, instead of splurging on expensive greeting cards. Have you checked out our cheerful collection of Easter bunnies, beautiful eggs and Spring themes?

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