Thank You ecards

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Thank You Teacher
Thank You Teacher
Thank you flowers
Say thank you with this bouquet of flowers
Royal Treatment
Treated like a royal by a friend, colleague or near one? Say Thank You with this free ecard
Thanks My Friend
Say Thanks to your friend with this ecard
Thank you teacher
Say Thank you to your teacher with this free ecard
Stay safe stay home
Stay safe stay home
The Right Words
Cannot find the right words to say Thank You? Let this ecard do  it for you.
Popping into my life
Popping into my life
Thanks friend
On a long and lonely road your friend has always stood by your side & lifted you out of the slumps. Say Thank You with this free ecard
You Made Me Smile
Someone made you smile? Say thank you with this ecard
Thank You
Thank you ecard!!
Thank You Teacher
Thank You Teacher
Saving face
Say thanks to your friend for having saved your face with his free ecard
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You
Say thank you to your colleagues, friends or loved ones with this free ecard
A Big Thank You
This is a simple ecard that can be sent out to a friend or a colleague for saying a big thank you

Saying ‘Thank you’ seems a lot easier to do when the person you are saying it to is standing next to you. Facial expressions and body language – a warm hug, a genuine smile, a hand shake – communicate what words cannot. But, there are situations when you may have to adopt the long distance ecard way. Written words may not always compensate for a hug and a smile, but, they can still communicate your heartfelt appreciation in a sincere manner, provided you choose the right words.

What to write in a thank you card?

To convey what you feel use these pointers to make your ‘Thank you cards sweet and memorable.

  • Be sincere – When you say it from your heart, it shows. So say what you mean and mean what you say. ‘Thank you for making it to the party. We really enjoyed your company’ seems far more sincere than, ‘Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the party.’
  • Be specific – Tell the recipient, what exactly you are appreciative of. Instead of saying, ‘Thanks for everything’, you could say, ‘Thank you for making me feel welcome. I needed that’ or ‘Thanks for being a good listener and for reminding me of my capabilities. Talking to you boosted my confidence.’
  • Be yourself – A thank you note serves as a token of your appreciation. It reflects your personality. So, whether you are thanking guests who attended a party, or a friend who helped you out, remember to add that personal touch that says it’s from you. A card is not complete until you personalize it with your message.

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